Most unexpected costs when starting an online business

Blogging unexpected costs Blogging is free and easy they say. So you venture into the blogging world confident that you have all things played out. And free, no no, Your free trials end and you’re faced with realities that blogging is getting hard. You spend a lot of time going through your expenditure records. How rich can these bloggers be they might be spending a lot.”Why didn’t anyone tell me that its this expensive,” Surprise, you can’t make money with[Read more]

What do top bloggers understand that newbies dont

I had to quit my old blog to later learn what works . With lots of blogs on the internet, all proving huge traffics and income strategy . Spending months of trial and errors.Till it become exhausting wondering, “Really!! Why is it not working for me?” . So i had to plan and go deeper into their minds.Try to see and feel what they know.I became an expert.This is probably by doing toms of research.Well it was clear they did[Read more]

The most crucial things to do after installing WordPress

So you have finally installed WordPress.There are so many things to try but you are not sure where to start. Well, I got you covered, this could be your ultimate checklist. First, there are few things to do to properly set up your website before your big launch. Here’s a list of a Must definitely do after installing WordPress. Complete your user profile WordPress edit the site by default, you can check in to make sure its what you wanted.[Read more]

Now You Can Start a Blog In Just a Few Hours: The ultimate beginner’s guide.

Lets talk tech After all, every blog is a website. Anyone can start a blog, we all have stories to share and mostly we do it in social media platform. There’s a spot on the internet waiting for you to call it your own. You don’t need to be an expert, the truth is I learned everything from scratch and I’m still learning… How to start a blog Identify your target audience, niche, and purposes. You decided that you want[Read more]

Why Major Blogging Mistakes Will Make You Question Everything

I never talk about my first blog, I even never let my friends or family know about it. It was a good thing kept it a secret cause it could have been humiliating. I was so beamed with optimism that this could be my first project that ever worked. I ‘ve tried to come up with thousands of business ideas but I always fail before my first earningsā€¦I wanted to surprise everyone by launching an online brand and make a[Read more]