Now You Can Start a Blog In Just a Few Hours: The ultimate beginner’s guide.

Lets talk tech

After all, every blog is a website. Anyone can start a blog, we all have stories to share and mostly we do it in social media platform.

There’s a spot on the internet waiting for you to call it your own. You don’t need to be an expert, the truth is I learned everything from scratch and I’m still learning…

How to start a blog

Identify your target audience, niche, and purposes.

You decided that you want to open your website and

  • Earn passive income,
  • Work from home by doing what you love
  • Build and connect with  your brands,
  • Build your confidence by showcasing your skills
  • Inspire people around you by being informative
  • Involves no tech knowledge and it’s affordable and you name it…

At least by now, you must have a hunch of what you will be blogging about.

You must have done a ton of research finding your real audience. Now you’re confident with what you’re going to offer and you must be great at it or are you offering something different.

you must have heard of specifying your niche but your head is brainstorming with ideas.You’re not even even sure what your niche really is and it is overwhelming.

Don’t worry,even when starting out i did’nt have a target took me a while and failed blogs to find my voice.Lucky for you the show is about to get better.

Start brainstorming creative contents

How are you going to keep them coming, the answer is by creating great content. You must be great at something.

Try to get a rough work of your thoughts and write as many contents as you can. Pick as many topics and try to see which you can create a sequence of stories with. Now that you got it, who’s a winner…pick a topic that you’re passionate about.Valuable contents will drive traffic.

Unless you’re creating a news article.Pick a list of evergreen contents that will stay relevant no matter when or where your readers will access it. Now that you have identified your audience and your niche its time to pick up your name.

Identify the domain name

Pick a domain name that’s related to your niche, readers will be able to easily identify your blog contents from your domain name. You can also use your own name instead, but it should be unique, short and easy.

A good domain name should be memorable,avoid using silly abbreviations,hyphen,numbers or copyright issues.

Domain search useful tools

Choose an effective blogging CMS (Content Management System)

There are lots of options out there, WordPress is the best of all.Why,its beginner friendly,has vast capabilities and its functionality is endless therefore more advanced users find it customizable.

Choose the right platform

a free platform or a self-hosted

You aim to earn through affiliates programs, high paying ad networks or sponsored content you need to pick a web host to host your own site. Why it means you are in control of the running of your site and the information you want to share with a third party.

if I’m using my URL would be

It’s free but not professional plus they put too much ads on your blog and its distracting.

With, I get my own domain name that search engines can identify with and rank me better in SEO.So if you want to make money or turn your blog into a business pay for hosting

Find a webhost and pay.

There are many popular all in one hosters like Bluehost and Siteground offering free domain registration, one-click WordPress installation and not all in one hoster like Cloudways.

why is Cloudways so different.

  • With cloud ways, you buy domain elsewhere like GoDaddy or Namecheap
  • You don’t share servers
  • You choose your cloud hosting providers like Digital ocean, Amazon web service or Vultr to host your website.
  • Your account gets dedicated resources depending on what you choose for your blog
  • Admin Cpanel is easier to use and understand
  • You can install a preconfigured WordPress with multiple security and caching features, therefore, your site speed is optimal.
  • It comes with a one-click installer.
  • Your site is backed up every day and you offered both email and call support.

Learn more about Cloudways from thesocialms

I use Bluehost to host my other websites and Truehost in this website as its available in my locality and offers free hosting and cheap domain extensions.

Well, the procedure of signing up to either of the web hosts is almost the same as they both offer administrative Cpanel…

How to setup wordpress with bluehost

At Bluehost, to get started, click the green ‘Get Started‘ button

select a plan whether Basic, Plus or Pro.I would recommend basic starter package plus you can upgrade to the next plan later on.

Register your domain name

Have you got your domain, if you do sign up now but if you don’t, don’t freak out? You can use your own name too, but first make sure its not taken. You can use Namemesh and to check out for more domain name ideas and if it’s available or you can skip this step and come back later

Next, fill out your contact details and select your payment option.You can uncheck any extra addons, its optional cause it will add more costs on starting your blog.

Confirm that you have read and agreed on the terms and conditions offered by Bluehost services. Then click on the green ‘submit‘ button.

Installing WordPress

Bluehost makes it easy to install WordPress when signing up,it automatically installs wordPress on your domain name

How to install wordpress

Bluehost will guide you through on how to have your blog set up.Simply log in into your bluehost account,scroll and find ‘My sites‘ tab and then click Log into wordpress button you will be directed into wirdpress admin dashboards

Under my site tab, click ‘create site‘ to get started. Fill all the info required through the guideline including site title, tagline, select domain name and path for your website and you can leave the directory path blank.

It may take a while for you see to see your success message, you may also receive the installation details via email. Click on ‘log into WordPress‘ button and access your sites admin area.

Congratulations you did it

Wait, you’re not yet done. Yes, you have installed WordPress but it’s not over yet. There are few basics steps to complete in order to fully customize your website and settings. Check for the most important must do after installing WordPress.

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