Why Major Blogging Mistakes Will Make You Question Everything

I never talk about my first blog, I even never let my friends or family know about it. It was a good thing kept it a secret cause it could have been humiliating. I was so beamed with optimism that this could be my first project that ever worked. I ‘ve tried to come up with thousands of business ideas but I always fail before my first earnings…I wanted to surprise everyone by launching an online brand and make a living out of it.

My blog was so bad that I lost both my user admin password and access to my website, my web host wasn’t much of help either, they relentlessly refused to pick my calls. Even resetting my password via the standard login page and through my database via Phpmyadmin didn’t work too. My website wasn’t properly installed so something about installation still on the local host.

Make planning your new best friend.

After an endless struggle, I gave up. But when you’re passionate about something, you can’t let go. I very much wanted my blogging dreams to come alive.Therefore, I used a new approach to build a perfect website then grow my blog.

After months of research, trials and errors, the only way was to do it right. So while taking notes,my new blog has to work and this time my new goal has to be real.

Set your goals right

Blogging is not a quick way to earn money. Yet, some bloggers have made quite a living as bloggers, it takes time and strategy.

Its all about commitment, hard work,self-disciple, and patience…to be as successful. A successful blog or website is not an overnight success and it requires some blogging investment.

Branding and more branding

Hey!your followers can be your audience ,your welcome.

If your goal is to have a perfect blog then you will be disappointed ,Instead your effort should be less focused on creating contents and more branding with as simple steps as having the right fonts, logo, images, and colors and when you done, take a step further and do some real marketing on Pinterest or any social media platform of your choice.

Start preparing your email list as soon as possible and start mailing newsletters to increase your blog traffics. Don’t make the mistakes I did cause building a mailing list is huge, you can even make a profit out of it later on and grow your traffic.

Make a posting schedule

Always schedule your blog posting date and stick to it, don’t overstretch your self to release many posts in one day.

Quality outshines quantity and having the right talent on a specific niche will help you grow and own your audience cause the more unique your content is the more readers will want to stay and read your blog.

One thing I regret the most was not having a plan.

Planning saves you time.
Make a to-do list.
How much you want to spend .
Blogging tools you need too.

I wrote down a list of everything I needed from WordPress blueprints to their expenses if it’s free or not and you save a lot.

So before I made my first purchase for domain and hosting I had a list of everything in my notebook I needed to buy for free and prioritized what to buy first as invest slowly.

This list included how I needed to familiarize myself with my WordPress dashboard cause this is where my most time will be spent. I even checked and made my WordPress glossary to find out what i didn’t know before.

Check out these lists of blogging mistakes to avoid.

Unreliable web hosts

For a newbie, one thing we need is technical support when we are stuck right. Even if the web hosting company have an all-inclusive site for our WordPress needs. We tend to have even the tiny bits of questions that need answers.

  • What if the hosting sites don’t have your back when you need them?
  • What if their servers are down and you can’t get to them?
  • What if you unknowingly altered the most crucial settings and don’t know what to do?

Everybody needs coaching and the best coach is our trusted web host cause we build our relationship on trust and them having our back, adorable. Yet, without their 24/7 support or their unethical response, trust is broken.

So this is what happened to me when I invested in a cheap and unreliable web hosting company, therefore, I was forced to install WordPress manually through a third party. Well, I think you have an idea of how it ended.

There are so many all in one web hosters available like Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgator and not all in one like Cloudways that offers one-click installation.

Find the right tools and resources

With so many resources and blogger tools for each need such as

  1. Domain name generators to search for domains
  2. Content and blog ideas generators like portent that generates titles that sales
  3. Headline analyzer like Sharethrough headline analyzer that analyses headlines and ranks it better
  4. Email marketing automation tools Mailerlite or Convert kit
  5. SEO website audit like Semrush
  6. keywords research tool like KWfinder
  7. Testing site speed like Pingdom
  8. Password managers like LastPass and KeePass
  9. Editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway
  10. Social media tools tailwind for Pinterest, Hootesuite twitter scheduling, Buffer social media scheduling
  11. Productivity tools like Asana, Trello, and Evernote and so much more.

Blogging has been simplified for you to focusing on your voice and talent to create amazing content. With these tools, you can comfortably bring the magic that is creating awesome content for your new friends.

Domain name

Domain names do not have to be perfect and unique. Most bloggers use their names or use a very fun way to generate one. There are domain generators such as namemesh.com,bustAName.com, thesaurus.com

…all you need is a word or you can combine words,bustAName also has a quick domain check to see if your picked domain name is readily available.


WordPress creates all kinds of the website so not all themes will work the same. Your content should be the key in deciding the best theme for your blog/website.

A theme that won’t slow down your site and easier for users to go around will generate you, subscribers.

So how will you know a theme is good for your site,(flashy themes rich with features can slow down your site always avoid using cool themes.)

Always make a list of all the features you want in your theme.

  • Is it a basic or premium theme?
  • Are the fonts readable or large?
  • Is the design layout simple enough to support your blogging goals?
  • Can they adjust their layouts in different sizes on screen and devices?
  • Are plugins supported for faster access such SEOs and spams protectors?
  • Is it compatible with browsers and other such engines?
  • Does it come with technical support or can you do it on your own?
  • How have other users rated this?
  • Does it come with a child theme?
  • Can you preview your theme before announcing it to the world? etcetera


plugins add and extend security and improve your site ranking on search engines. How do you know which plugins to chose because they are so many? Plugins and tools are the best to add some functionality on your site only if you have the right set.

You can install plugins practically for anything but too many plugins means bad load times making bad SEO. So you have to choose a plugin that is essential to your blog need first and add the rest later.

Well, you are going to be awesome,i know i feel it too.

I hope this article helped you realize where you did wrong and how you can strategize. If you need help setting up your blog, you can use my free ultimate beginner’s guide to start your blog.

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