Most unexpected costs when starting an online business

Blogging unexpected costs

Blogging is free and easy they say.

So you venture into the blogging world confident that you have all things played out. And free, no no, Your free trials end and you’re faced with realities that blogging is getting hard.

You spend a lot of time going through your expenditure records. How rich can these bloggers be they might be spending a lot.”Why didn’t anyone tell me that its this expensive,”

Surprise, you can’t make money with free blogs!.Of course there are free themes but everybody is using it, that’s a thumbs down. You can Subscribe for free stocks but everyone gets the exact stocks.

You can’t have a competitive and unique website with free designs.Well unless you’re blogging for fun, turning your blog into a business will cost you…

Why? business startups cost money and so is blogging. Therefore, starting your businesses for free is a huge mistake that will come to haunt you. Because these expenses will not go away but continue to pile up in ways you can never avoid.

Annual Self Hosting and Addons Email-Support

OKEY,you have heard it and you will keep hearing it.

Selecting a web host for your website is unavoidable and highly recommended for it to become live on the internet. For your business to make sense and seriously make money, you will need a host.

The host gives you your webspace, shared hosting can be as low as $50 per year that’s for small businesses but upgrading to a dedicated server can strain your pocket.

With self-hosting, you own your site, make customization, add plugins or a theme .

You can host your website with Bluehost or Siteground with as little $50 annually on basic hosting and a free SSL certificate in the first year.

As your sites grow so will your investment, you will need to upgrade to the next plan or dedicated server to access more features.

Transfer charges will be applied to those willing to migrate from a host. A host that might be slowing down your site or getting no technical support.

Get email hosting, having a domain name to connect it to your web is needed. A business email shows professionalism.

Free emails will make your prospect leads think twice about doing business with you. A professional email with your domain will earn you trust from your clients or leads. You will have complete control of the data and the business information is safely kept.

You can get email hosting for as little as $10/year with either web hosts.

Get a unique domain name

Having your domain name is a major investment.WHY

  • Your domain name is also your site URL
  • You’re creating a brand for your blog
  • It affects SEO
  • It’s pretty and professional

Some hosts offer free domain registration for the first year. The trick is to get hosting and domain altogether. Renew every year after the expiry period(definitely at a higher price). Others put a high price on domain transfer, therefore,

You must check out your host first before making any huge decisions.

Check domain prices at some of the most popular domain registrars

  1. Godaddy:-$0.8/year (renews at $11.99 /year)
  2. Namecheap:-From as low as $1.37/year(renews at $10.69/year)
  3. domain the first year(Renews at $11.99/year).Prices change from basic to pro plan per year.
  4. Siteground-$15.95/per year

I recommend you use the first 3 alternatives cause the Siteground main focus is on hosting.They offer domains separately, their plans don’t include the domain name.

Pro Upgrades



There tons of free options for every niche. Themes are pre-made templates that allow you to design your blog. You can hire a website developer to create one for you but it will be a huge investment and very expensive but since you are starting out just purchase one or get the free ones.


You need a quality premium WordPress theme as your blog grows. Prices range from $25 to super theme $79.Check out these popular and most recommended themes by top bloggers.

  • Divi from elegant themes (highly recommended for beginners)-
  • Themify
  • Genesis frameworks
  • Thrive themes

Use a child theme when you want to make changes to your parent themes


Ever since the update, most Yoast features have been moved to premium version. With free versions,I can only setup 1 keyword for SEO per page and let Google,Bing and Pinterest know exactly what the page is about,Therefore I am missing the SEO advantages on a free version

With a premium version,I can add more related keywords,preview my page,get real time suggestions for internal links, be updated on my most important pages update,get an overview of my site and keywords score,24/7 support and no ads…etcetera


My favorite editing tool is Grammarly. Ever since I started using it my post has never been clear and mistake-free. I might not be the best writer ever but at least with Grammarly, I see progress.

With Free version comes Critical grammar and spelling checks and the features get better with a premium version. You won’t regret it.

I can access 400 types of features like

  • Advanced checks for Grammatic errors, punctuation, context and sentence structures,
  • Genre specific writing skills
  • Vocabulary enhancements suggestions
  • Detect plagiarism

Premium version costs $11.66 per month if billed annually and $15/month if billed annually for the business version

Graphic Editing Software

If you want your blog to stand out, you need to invest in graphics editing tools like Canva and Picmonkey

Canva has both free and paid version while picmonkey only a paid version with 7 days free trial.


Canva is a great graphic editing tool that allows you to create designs for any projects with free element and minimum efforts.

Canva can be used to plan our website or social media like create posts/graphics/banners/headers/covers…They have ready to use templates available, free icons ,stock images and so much more.You even upload your own photos and use your own texts.

Canva Pro allows you to unlock more features and try it for free for 30 days.You can,

  • Control your brand with brand kit,
  • Create stunning animated graphics
  • Export designs with a transparent background
  • Resize your designs.,
  • Collaborate with shared templates and folders.

Email marketing services

An email list is one of the most valuable strategies for creating money as you’re getting direct access to someone’s inbox. Email list helps to connect you to your readers, stay up to date and find access to valuable content.

With Mailerlite it’s free for the first 1000 subscribers and about $15/month afterward.

There are more options out there like Convertkit, which is free the first two weeks then $29 per month.It makes it easy to grow subscribers.


Legal requirements

You need a disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and condition page.

Transaction Fees

Well can you not avoid this,every time i make a payment theres a small fee that i have to pay.Some fees have been cut when paying for hosting and resources and tools tools.

Stock photos

I don’t have the required skills nor time to take pretty high-quality photos. It’s exhausting juggling both blogging tasks and getting perfect photos for your blog. That’s where stock photos jumps in so i can focus on making amazing content.


I’ve access to free stocks and free resources as perfect additions to my brand.

But these free stocks have been used by millions of blogs out there, therefore, my sites will lack that brand uniqueness I want. Then Pinterest preferable ranks paid stock photos.

With a paid membership plan I can download as many premium styled stocks as I want to fit my brand.

Ivory mix

Access 550+ photos monthly for free
become an elite member with $47/quarter and access 2700+photos and graphics and more or become a VIP with $137/year 3500+photos and graphics and more

Sc stock shop-
Mostly recommended for small entrepreneurs.I can shop by collections or colors from as little as $19.00 per collection. You can join Social Squares membership with $25/month and $240/year.


Get instant library access with as little as $39/month , With Canva templates ,instragram quote library $69/quarter and an additional premium graphics library access for $199/year

check for more alternative stock library and price at:

  • Creative market
  • Oh Tilly
  • Styled stock society
  • Hautes stock

Utilities and equipment

Well how are you gonna blog, you will need a laptop to access the internet. The laptop needs to be charged, you will need your notes. Simply you need your business to function by Investing in

  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Laptop
  • Notebooks
  • Planners
  • other stationery

Resources and Tools

This is my favorite part, I love tools and frankly, I have had a hard time here.

Well,there are amazing tools ranging from basic website performances to social media marketing. Some online shops like ivory mix and Sc stock shop have taken advantage of this and used free resources as their freebies in email lists like

  • Daily planner
  • To-do list
  • Checklist

Some cool tools to steadily grow your traffic will be

  • Tailwind
  • Buzzsumo
  • Semrush
  • pinterest


I need myself to plan the time to do business,This is a sacrifice i will have to make if i want good results.I had to schedule my blogging,work and school time for it to work.At first,it was tough but blogging becomes easy when you have a plan and committed to your work.

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