What do top bloggers understand that newbies dont

I had to quit my old blog to later learn what works . With lots of blogs on the internet, all proving huge traffics and income strategy . Spending months of trial and errors.Till it become exhausting wondering, “Really!! Why is it not working for me?” .

So i had to plan and go deeper into their minds.Try to see and feel what they know.I became an expert.This is probably by doing toms of research.Well it was clear they did things differently.

  1. Blog Consistently
  2. Bring your personality and skills
  3. Spare some play time for real
  4. Use bulletpoints and lists to get ideas
  5. Understand your targeted persona
  6. Showcase your brand and promotional brand
  7. Make your point easy and relevant
  8. Make your content worth sharing
  9. Be willing to fail
  10. Never doubt yourself
  11. Optimize your site for SEO
  12. Prioritize your email list
  13. Embrace the power of free
  14. Build an amazing CTA
  15. Google analytics from day 1

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